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To the authors' knowledge, it is the first epidemiologic study of ILS conducted among college dormitory students in 20 years, and the first to explore a comprehensive cross-section within a dormitory environment.
Meanwhile, Israeli troops have arrested eight suspected Palestinian militants during a raid on an Islamic college dormitory in the West Bank town of Hebron.
Whether working to find better ways to deal with radioactive waste or planning how a college dormitory can use composting toilets, I have been active in trying to improve our impact on the planet.
Judging occurred the following day in a college dormitory room, where the participants judged 4 video clips, consisting of 3 decoys and the target.
5 issue of The Skidmore News featured a story about campus response to a hate crime in which a pickup truck parked outside a college dormitory for gay and lesbian students was smeared with feces.
He had gone to bed in his third floor room at the college dormitory by Holyrood Park after a hard day's studying.
Writing was something I did strictly for fun: ghost-authoring papers for other students in my college dormitory, collaborating on metaphysical plays with my best friend at the time (another philosophy major), religiously keeping a journal, composing about 80 bad poems during my undergraduate days, and writing news articles (my other major was journalism).
After practice, many campers spent the night at the Marian College dormitory.
The College and University Security Information Act was introduced and passed due to pressure from the parents of a student murdered in a Pennsylvania college dormitory.
Pursuant To Nysosc Exemption Request Approval, Dated 5/27/2016, Under Crer Id Sny01-0001465-3320216, Campus Televideo Will Continue To Provide Cable Tv And Internet Services For College Dormitory Residents Thru 5/31/2017.
We've actually rented an entire college dormitory .

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