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About 10 percent of all college textbook sales (based on 2004 figures) come from online traders such as amazon.
BISG reported that used college textbooks accounted for most of these sales, about 28 percent of the total college textbook market.
A study conducted by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) found that college textbook prices rose at twice the rate of annual inflation over the last two decades; economic issues make this even more of a "hot button issue" for 2009.
Did you know that college textbooks have risen at twice the rate of annual inflation over the last two decades?
Congress and higher-education officials sought to find an answer to that question at a recent hearing on Capitol Hill that explored the reasons behind and potential solutions for the rising costs of college textbooks.
How we've progressed from the stuff of dusty college textbooks to the sliding video screens, overlapped recorded dialogue and - I kid you not - poison enemas of ``To You, the Birdie
It has become familiar to millions through a diverse publishing programme that includes scholarly works in all academic disciplines, bibles, music, school and college textbooks, children's books, materials for teaching English as a foreign language, business books, dictionaries and reference books, and journals.
VOLUNTEERISM: Since 1978, Perriere has been helping Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic by recording the most important French books and college textbooks.
4% with margins expanding approximately 200 basis points on strong sales of college textbooks and reference materials.
Offering UPS solutions helps Akademos bring a new level of shipping efficiency into the marketplace for college textbooks," said Brian Jacobs, President of Akademos, which operates TextbookX.
This exciting license agreement with Akademos means that TKE members can now help their fellow students manage the costs of college textbooks, while also contributing funds to worthy causes," said Kevin Mayeux, CEO of TKE.

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