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11, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, ValoreBooks launched its college textbook loyalty program that offers savings, protection, and convenience at ValoreBooks.
When I started this company four years ago as a college student, I was underwhelmed with the quality of customer service across the college textbook landscape.
College student Samantha Shery said she ``easily'' spends as much on college textbooks as she does on Christmas gifts.
The Advisory Committee on Student Financial Assistance will report next May on the skyrocketing cost of college textbooks.
The Book Industry Study Group (BISG) reported that sales of used books are growing at a faster pace than other types of book sales with college textbooks and online sales leading the way.
Oxford University Press (New York) has acquired the assets of Engineering Press (Austin, TX), a publisher of engineering college textbooks and engineering license exam preparation books.
For more information - or to save on your college textbooks today - visit www.
The library initiative will display Rice University-based OpenStax College textbooks for the Spring 2015 term and is funded by the Gary Michelson Twenty Million Minds Foundation (20MM), which seeds technologies to lower the cost of education.
Congress and higher-education officials sought to find an answer to that question at a recent hearing on Capitol Hill that explored the reasons behind and potential solutions for the rising costs of college textbooks.
I wish my college textbooks had been this much fun; I might have actually read them.
So, why is this Rhode Island teenager thinking about the cost of college textbooks instead of spending his summer days at the beach?

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