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Kirschner wire fixation for redislocated Colles' fractures. Acta Orthop Scand 1997; 68: 259-61.
Traditionally, the doctor thinks of Colles' fracture upon seeing the wrist pushed back on the broken radius.
Conclusion: Closed reduction and pop immobilization for Colles' fracture under haematoma block and sedation is a good treatment option in carefully selected cases.
But Colles' fracture isn't really a good test of the therapy, according to Dr.
Taylor NF, Bennell KL (1994) The effectiveness of passive joint mobilisation on the return of active wrist extension following Colles' fracture: a clinical trial.
When bone mineral density is assessed in cross-sectional manner the sensitivity and specificity to `detect' vertebral fracture or Colles' fracture is comparable [19, 20].
Update on the use of distal radial bone density measurements in prediction of hip and Colles' fracture risk.
A Colles' fracture is nearly always the result of a fall.
Features of algodystrophy ten years after Colles' fracture. J Hand Surg Br.
Algodystrephy is an early complication of Colles' fracture. What are the implications?