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Make Ingredients 4 collops (chunks) of monkfish 6 fresh radishes For the marinade 100ml olive oil 20g wild garlic 1/2 lemon, juiced salt & pepper sure the monkfish is piping hot before serving.
Collop Monday we were given collops, small pieces of meat or vegetables deep fried in batter.
One was one of six possible brightly-colored species of Collops Say (subfamily Malachiinae, family Melyridae) found in Wisconsin.
A glance through the index will give an instant snapshot of the range of topics introduced: Argentina, asses, bacaigh, bicycles, blindness, William Bulfinch, collops, cousin marriage, culm, degeneracy, diet, dispensaries, endowed schools, hair, ladies' maids, Lady Dudley, language for animals, living standards, magdalen asylums, maternal mortality, night-lodgers, prison workers, smallpox, "sweating," turf, Ursuline sisters, water (although the index misses the very interesting discussion of meitheal, 8-9).
small menu" for February includes in the first course " 'Eggs and Collops [bacon], Brawn and mustard, A hash of Rabbits, A grand Fricase, A grand Sallet, A Chine of roast Pork.
89) The reader also learns that "Pudding of Hogs Liver" was "Madam Frances [Cromwell's daughter] her Delicacy," that "Scotch collops of Veal" were Elizabeth's "constant Dish," and that "she usually had to her Breakfast" a dish of marrow pudding.
And there is scarcely an English cookbook of the time that did not include Scotch Collops and Cocky Leeky, both being solid citizens of the British culinary repertoire.
Jay Alam and the team at Turmeric Gold Indian restaurant, in Spon Street, city centre, have revived mutton collops, which was a popular dish in Stratford during the 1820s.
Populations of native predators, which include ground beetles, stink bugs, lady beetles, collops beetles and some small hymenopteran (wasps) and dipteran (flies) parasitoids were found in the inventory.
Award-wining chef Tim Morris uses the best of Skye and Highland produce to conjure up such dinner delights as local mussels in a white wine and saffron cream sauce on a bed of vegetable strips, collops of Snizort native lobster around a cocktail of local chantarelle mushrooms, king scallops and a coral butter sauce.
In North England the typical dish is collops -- fatty pieces of bacon cut up and scrambled in eggs cooked in butter.