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This somewhat colloquial expression is commonly used by parliamentarians to refer to the typically rushed completion of the Government's legislative programme in the final days of any parliament.
THERE IS AN OLD COLLOQUIAL EXPRESSION, "We've been around this barn before.
Every other form of organic life merits only a sullen stare or some current colloquial expression of disgust.
This is a common colloquial expression and not a socioeconomic statement concerning our trading partners in Asia.
The remark attributed to the handicapper Phil Smith, that his job is to produce a race that defies easy solution, seems to be no more than a colloquial expression of this definition, though Mr Willoughby sees this notion as "utterly wrongheaded".
should stencil this colloquial expression on her office door: "When you are up to your eyeballs in alligators, it is difficult to remind yourself that your initial objective was to drain the swamp.
Taking the cable "round the bend" of the Gulf is thought to have given rise to the colloquial expression, since living on Telegraph Island in the summer heat must have driven many men crazy.
The challenging process or "combining the colloquial expression with the words of the intellect" rewards both reader and narrator.
Tree Tall Woman (1981) gave us finely crafted works that clearly pushed colloquial expression into eloquence.
He said: "It is clear you are, to use a colloquial expression, a conman of the old school.
Of the two, Attridge has set himself the more exacting task, which is to re-work his Rhythms of English Poetry (1982) into a course book: without bibliography but with American spelling, glossary, exercises, suggested answers, chapter summaries, and colloquial expression.