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Mr Carman: "The reality is that you made this telephone call to Wendy in his presence because you trusted this man and to use a colloquial expression you were two mates together.
It almost never reaches for a current or common colloquial expression, yet, as poetry, it does not feel burdened by traditions, Indian, literary (e.
Colloquial expressions provide an insider's view of the culture, and add a lot of fun and sparkle into the mix.
Fathers and Sons flows with the conversational ease and the charm of the distinctively Irish colloquial expressions that permeate Friel's other work.
For example, some of the humour in the colloquial expressions was lost on local audience members and the dichotomy between a national and a private school is a phenomenon mostly present in cities like Cairo and Alexandria.
The idea, he says, is to speak with a neutral accent, and to understand nuances such as intonation and rhythm, without using slang, abbreviations and colloquial expressions.
has published Reflections from the Heart: A Collection of Poetic, Idiomatic & Colloquial Expressions by Jan Codling.
There are occasional examples where the soldiers use more colloquial expressions, but their Afrikaans tends to be of a higher register than one would expect of their lowly status.
She titles the works based on colloquial expressions pertaining to fabric, ceremonies with cloth and names of textiles such as akwa.
This is exactly right: the colloquial expressions and the upward inflection let alone a degree of self-deprecation.
I was also distracted in places by the odd use of English, especially colloquial expressions.
Even in languages such as German, colloquial expressions like "I am not your negro