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The second-hand book cafe takes its name from the colloquial term "bikya" to signify antiqueness.
Between the two events, betting industry leaders pointed out to the DCMS that betting accounts which had not been used for some time, and could be regarded as dormant, were different from 'sleepers', the colloquial term for winning stakes that had not been collected.
Idiot lights: A colloquial term for the indicator lights on the dashboard that illuminate when there is a problem.
A phrase police are hearing on the streets is, "you want to go out and blast," a colloquial term for when two people go out and shoot at one another.
When AMAA started out in 1969, "running medicine" wasn't yet a colloquial term.
Spam, the colloquial term for unsolicited marketing e-mail, is clogging up Americans' e-mail in-boxes; if the FTC can't cut back on it, Congress will have to.
ZAPPER: Colloquial term for TV remote control unit (women may not know what they look like as hubbies tend to hide them).
In fact, while the number of children that are born and survive at 23 to 28 weeks gestation are still a minority of the infants in a NICU, they are common enough that the colloquial term "micro-preemie" has been coined to describe them, and an additional body of neonatal science has grown to support the care of the very premature infant.
They even had a colloquial term that translates to "my hunting ground.
Feu Follet--a colloquial term referring to strange lights on the bayous--traces the history of the Acadian people from seventeenth-century France through their migration to Nova Scotia to their forced expulsion to the swamplands of southwestern Louisiana.
The colloquial term for a typical northerner is"aboki" or"malam"; the words literally mean"friend" or"mister" in Hausa, but saying"You're behaving like an aboki" is a way of telling someone off for acting daft.
A mini-stroke is the colloquial term for a transient ischemic attack, which occurs when blood flow to a part of the brain briefly stops, according to the (http://www.