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Based on the huge new set of results, researchers at Cambridge, along with colleagues at the universities of Bern and Zurich, have been able to map the spread, evolution or decline of certain words and colloquialisms compared to results from the original survey of dialect speakers in 313 localities carried out in the 1950s.
They can be about colloquialisms, old English or dialect.
This column is intended to share some colloquialisms with the hope that these will prompt further conversation and even serve as an "ice-breaker" for you in a given situation.
The book's tone mixes fan colloquialisms and a loving interest in individual Kyoto films with the complex writing style characteristic of academic film theory.
Colander; Colchester; collateral damage; cold-blooded collectors of colloquialisms collated by collaborators at the College of Arms.
The letters are enhanced with notes and an index to aid the modern reader seeking to understand the era-specific references and colloquialisms.
As much as the novel entertains with the sporting plot, it is also amusingly instructive in the nature and use of colloquialisms.
Plotnik urges we reconsider tired figures of speech, fatigued vocabularies, colloquialisms, and "geeklish.
Slang, colloquialisms and subtleties are the toughest parts of a language to learn.
Vocabulary includes the latest definitions, new technological words and modern colloquialisms, such as blogosphere and cloud computing.
Because the colloquialisms are odd against the language, slipups like these tend to break the dreamlike trance that the author is trying to create.
Royal Reveille has strong claims for the in-form Ted Walsh, whose colloquialisms in his paddock inspection on Monday for RTE were the stuff of truth and legend.