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Apart from his colonial career, he had been to Greece in a brigantine with four brass carronades; he had travelled Europe in a chaise and four, drawing bridle at the palace-doors of German princes; queens of song and dance had followed him like sheep and paid his tailor's bills.
The yellow, mildewed pages of the diary of a man long dead, and the records of the Colonial Office dovetail perfectly with the narrative of my convivial host, and so I give you the story as I painstakingly pieced it out from these several various agencies.
Kingsport is a quaint old town, hearking back to early Colonial days, and wrapped in its ancient atmosphere, as some fine old dame in garments fashioned like those of her youth.
There was Packard, a Colonial trader, some twelve miles down the coast.
Among those of his relations who professed the modern faith of heredity it was well understood that in him the character of the late Myron Bayne, a maternal great-grandfather, had revisited the glimpses of the moon--by which orb Bayne had in his lifetime been sufficiently affected to be a poet of no small Colonial distinction.
This body of soldiers had been evolved out of the old regular army and was now a million strong, to say nothing of the colonial forces.
I'm sick at being such a nuisance, colonel," he said, with the cheery colonial conventions; "but would it upset you if an old acquaintance called on me here tonight on business?
They had the colonial spirit, and were always making for some spot where the white man might carry his burden unobserved.
He visited the "presbytery"--a small and pretty dwelling in the old colonial style --which had, indeed, "lost nothing of its charm.
She put him down as a colonial - perhaps an American - but his rank in life mystified her.
Martyr, the Colonial Secretary, told him yesterday that it was made out.
That print discussed what it was pleased to call "Our Colonial Expansion" in high-flown language.