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Colonie Center sits at the intersection of Wolf Road and Central Avenue in the heart of the capital region.
The Catholic colonie functioned as "one key to maintaining a positive Catholic presence in the lives of children and their families" (90) who were otherwise "vulnerable" to the increasingly secular distractions of the republican school and working-class culture.
In the decades after World War II (1939-1945), most British colonies, including Bangladesh and Jamaica, sought independence from a ruling power that they considered oppressive.
The low-pest colonies had nearly five times as many pups as did the pest-ridden colonies.
In crowded ships Acadians were set to treacherous autumn seas, and dispersed among unprepared and unwelcoming New England colonies.
In early 1754, claiming he had intelligence reports of French encroachments along Ohio's Kennebec River, Shirley recruited an expeditionary force to repel what he described as a threat to the "security of [British] colonies of New England.
The number of colonies obtained, as well as features of the source of the clinical sample and the chest radiograph (clearly pathologic) at the time the isolate was obtained, strongly suggest that this microorganism was associated with lung infiltrates and poor prognosis, resulting in the death of the patient.
In a different experiment initiated in 2013, twelve 1-yr-old colonies of C.
However, the FDA has so far got clearance for only 2 residential colonies, out of 85 residential schemes from WASA whereas the mortgaged property of remaining residential colonies have also been released.
The Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon ( MCG), during the tenure of the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government in October 2013, had regularised 44 colonies in Gurgaon and promised to install sewerage and water pipeline connections.
Most colonies experienced a fall in top income shares following independence.
Tenders are invited for Urgent repair of quarters in different colonies of Sawang Colliery.