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The leading manufacturer of high-end ACCs is Synoptics' Synbiosis division, whose ProtoCOL line of colony counters is distributed by Microbiology International in the US.
This study was conducted to evaluate the performance of the Color QCOUNT automated colony counter versus the manual hand-count method of counting colonies by color on chromogenic agar plates.
Martin continued: "Being able to accurately enumerate so many types of colonies on different agars is a task very few automated colony counters can perform well and this study validates the ProtoCOL 3's versatility for this application.
The easy to use aCOLade colony counter is being used in the Onsite Microbiology Testing Laboratory at Pukka Pies to accurately count mixed colonies on TVC (Total Viable Count) plates, as well as bacterial colonies including coliforms, Staphylococcus aureus, Enterobacter spp.
Martin Smith of Synbiosis commented: "Many microbiologists want an inexpensive manual colony counter that is simple to use, flexible enough to read large and small plates and allows their results to be easily saved.
Synbiosis bus also developed another automated colony counter, aCOLyte, for budget conscious laboratories.
Limited Tenders are invited for Bacteria Colony Counter
A new generation of colony counter, the MBS-Counter, has been introduced by Schleicher & Schuell, comprising a computer with installed LIMS compatible software, monitor and image processing unit.
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Automated colony counter manufacturer Synbiosis has announced that Oxoid GmbH is using a ProtoCOL system in its quality control laboratories to produce more accurate results with a wide range of its media.
Finally, for counting all types of colonies, the COUNTERMAT FLASH Automated Colony Counter combines the latest digital camera technology with a patented illumination device that lights the plate through an adjustable reflection ring.
Tenders are invited for Open Tender For The Colony Counter