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Product Sub-Category: 21In Industrial Grade Color Monitor
Macintosh system requirements: Any Apple Power Macintosh or Macintosh with a 25MHz 68030 processor or faster, 8MB of RAM, color monitor with 256 colors, double-speed CD-ROM drive, QuickTime 1.
The computer had a screen with 320 by 200 resolution, I believe, no hard disk drive (I added one later), 128 K of RAM, and a 14 inch color monitor.
That's why manufacturers are adding docking stations to their notebook PCs--a feature that lets them hook up directly to such peripherals as color monitors, laser printers and CD-ROM drives.
The basic model with a 17-inch color monitor costs $2,695; and with a 19-inch color monitor the price is $2,795.
5:1 zoom lens that provides up to 75X magnification of live video imaging on a color monitor.
s Omnilink [TM] Series 9700 Touchscreen Master consists of a 15" color monitor, either LCD or CRT, with a touch-sensitive screen; an audio handset master; a control unit; and an isolated UL- 1069-listed interface.
It provides a complete system, including an illuminator, a camera, and a 13" Sony color monitor on a mobile stand that can be used with any medical scope.
PC minimum system requirements: 486/33Mhz or better, 8MB of RAM, VGA card with 256 colors and 640x480 resolution, color monitor, double-speed CD-ROM drive, Windows 3.
Among the other products using Kodak color technology are Daystar Digital ColorMatch color-correction software, Digital Stock Photo CD image catalogs, the Hewlett-Packard HP Color LaserJet Printer, NewGen Chromax large-format color printers, Sonnetech Colorific software for color monitor calibration, SuperMac color monitors and the SuperMac Proof Positive printer.
5[inches] floppy drives, 15[inches] Crystalscan color monitor and eight open expandable slots.
Hardware: Mac IIcx with 5 megabytes of RAM, internal 80 megabyte hard drive, laser printer, 13-inch high resolution color monitor or black and white full-page display monitor, 300 dpi flatbed scanner, 2400 baud modem.