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I bought the TI Portable Pro, with the same architecture and processor as the original TI Pro, but packaged in a luggable computer weighing about 40 pounds, with a small-6-inch color monitor.
color monitor that displays live, magnified images.
Product Sub-Category: 21In Industrial Grade Color Monitor
Running defect count is displayed continuously on the color monitor.
The monitor stations include a four-stroke electronic chime, high-contrast TFT color monitor, Instant-On audio and video monitoring, illuminator LED controls and door release.
The subject of the contract is the delivery of yet unused hardware and software of the operating system diagnostic evaluation of two computer workstations, in this report - Diagnostic color monitor 6 megapixels (1 piece), preview monitor (1 piece) graphics card for diagnostic color monitor 6 megapixels (1 piece) graphics card for preview monitor (1 piece) workstations (1 piece)- Mamodiagnosticke 5 megapixel monitors (2 pieces), preview monitor (1 piece), DualHead graphics card for mamodiagnosticke 5 megapixel monitors (1 piece) graphics card for preview monitor (1 piece) workstations (1 piece).