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DICRYLAN(r) SD represents a technological breakthrough in achieving unparalleled color depths on all fibers without any compromise on fastness properties.
The Arcus 1200's 36-bit color depth incorporates Agfa's new MultiPlate Technology by allowing users to replace the glass scanning plate with a glass-free slide holder for direct-to-image, distortion-free transparency scanning.
Together they give a higher level of detail, greater color depth, reduced grain and a high gloss feel
In order to display natural colors for full HDTV (1080p)(2) used in LCD TVs and monitors for graphic use, a 10bit (1024 tones) color depth is required, and an additional 3 bit is needed to control the three main colors (RGB) individually.
L's next-generation of large format multi-panel displays represent the pinnacle of computer displays technology for creative professionals, demanding graphics, digital photography, design, gaming, rich-content creation, video, audio and large venue presentation requirements delivering world-leading resolutions, allied to extremely wide viewing angles, unmatched color depth, and near-instantaneous pixel video response times inherent to OLED Technology.