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The series boast the largest curvature ever of 4000R, innovative wide color gamut technology for curved surfaces (WCG technology can enhance the color gamut up to 96% by utilizing the pure white backlight, which is better than normal LED panel), the leading 4K curved surface technology and S-level Harman/Kardon speakers.
When discussing the color gamut it is very important to specify the corresponding viewing conditions and observer details.
The new Oce IJC610 series low solvent inks utilized in the Oce CS6060 offer an expanded color gamut.
The display provides high-quality moving images, high luminance, a wide color gamut, high transmissivity, clear, and vivid color reproduction.
With a Quantum Dot film that is coated with nano-sized dots of various types that emit very specific colored lights, the new displays can produce a wider color gamut compared to standard monitors, increasing color purity and efficiency.
Among their unique features are 4k ULTRA high-definition 3D picture and wider color gamut, Advanced Image Multiple Enhancer technology for 3D that enhances structure and color for more comfortable viewing, and a direct 2D/3D select button.
Since that time, Domino introduced a 7-color version (CMYKOV + W) of the N610i, which provides an expanded color gamut, achieving over 90% of the Pantone range.
With a 70 per cent color gamut, the Nova display also delivers more natural colours than other types of screens, including less vivid retina displays with a 53 per cent color gamut and oversaturated Amoled displays with a 107 per cent color gamut.
The unit offers instant start up with no warm up and cool-down period, and a color gamut exceeding NTSC standards and surpassing 60,000 hours of lifetime.
Sony will be demonstrating extremely slim, approximately 3mm depth with 11inch and less than 10mm depth with 27inch (when thinnest part of the body is measured), next generation TV displays, with high contrast, wide color gamut, quick response time, incorporating OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology.
Known for their ease of use, reliability, color gamut and density, Lyson GF inks have a shelf life rated at 18 months, which allow pigments to stay in suspension for longer periods and eliminate the need to shake or adjust viscosity.
Featuring Epson's new seven-color UltraChrome inks, the Stylus Photo 2200 desktop printer can produce archival-quality images at fast speeds with a larger color gamut than the previous model, the Stylus Photo 2000P.