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Five different color spaces are compared for the identification of external defects in citrus fruits and obtained the better results with HSI color space in [Blasco, 2007].
I have significantly simplified some of the factors and terminology for ease of understanding to illustrate the basic principles and phenomenal power of the Lab* color space.
Editing footage with full color expression is made possible by the DCI color standard support which reproduces color realistically, covering 97 percent of DCI-P3 color space, the standard for digital cinema projectors and digital camera.
The proposed method involves the use of CIELab color space to extract color information, eliminate most interferences, and combine the texture features to locate the license plate.
Andaro tint dispersions are another example of PPG's dedication to improving customers' paint processes and enable automotive manufacturers to express their brands' identities with unique color spaces.
New color spaces, with color accuracy ensured by X-Rite, give users additional options to represent scanned colors.
HSV color space is often used in digital image processing, analysis, and color picking tools, where it's more intuitively satisfying or more convenient to an artist than the RGB colorcube (Smith, 1978).
The Color Space is a 5,000 square foot interactive beauty pavilion that brings beauty to life for women, men and kids.
CIELAB color space used a non-linear transformation of the tristimulus space to simplify the original ANLAB formula developed by Adams in 1942, which was widely used in the colorant industry.
This color space is suitable only for electronic displays but it is not appreciated by the HVS.
The other two pigments are the newest additions to the Synergy line of proprietary pigments, which are created by optimizing organic and inorganic pigment chemistries around desired properties and are said to be economical alternatives to more costly pigments in the same color space.
Tokyo, Japan, Jan 6, 2006 - (JCN) - Sony announced on January 5 that it has prototyped the world's first LCD TV that has supported xvYCC, a new international video color space standard, and is showcasing it at the 2006 International CES in Las Vegas, Nevada.