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A prefix that denotes jointness or the state of being conjunct or united. To be together, with, or not separate from; conjoint or combined.

A corespondent in a lawsuit is one who is joined as a defendant in the suit. A co-owner is a person who owns something in conjunction with another person. A co-administrator is one who jointly handles the management of property with one or more persons.

CO. A prefix or particle in the nature of an inseparable proposition, signifying with or in conjunction. Con and the Latin cum are equivalent, as, co-executors, co-obligor. It is also used as an abbreviation for company as, John Smith & Co.

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Marcus Washington stunned Oregon with a 95-yard interception return for a touchdown late in the second quarter, and John Hessler threw for two scores and ran for another as Colorado beat the Ducks 38-6 in a chilly Cotton Bowl.
This new partnership gives Energy Outreach Colorado the opportunity to provide permanent energy savings to the agencies that act as a safety net for the thousands of Colorado residents who otherwise would spend the holidays and most days cold and hungry with nowhere to go," said Shelly Wallace, director of long-term energy solutions for Energy Outreach.
Colorado had the eighth-most efficient power play in the NHL during the regular season but has failed on all 11 attempts against the Ducks.
Montana is a very special case, and it is the ultimate example of why the Colorado Trust was created," said National Adjutant Arthur H.
DAM SHAME Things just haven't been the same in the Grand Canyon since the Glen Canyon Dam began impounding massive volumes of the Colorado River to form Lake Powell.
Colorado Springs, CO 80920; (719) 528-8052; Memstuaio2@aol.
The groups are representing Colorado parents, taxpayers and clergy.
In Colorado this advisory committee includes not only the nine groups listed in the CDC announcement but also the presidents of the state board of health, state medical society, and state hospital association; the state veterinarian; a wildlife disease specialist; a medical examiner; a specialist in posttraumatic stress management; a pharmacist member of the Board of Pharmacy; the Attorney General; the chief public information officer for the state health department; and, as an ex-officio member, the chief of the Colorado National Guard (3).
Not only did Wayne Aspinall serve with distinction here, but his career in public service spanned over 48 years, including six years on his Town's Board of Trustees and 16 years in the Colorado Legislature.
Then, in 1979, along the Continental Divide south of Pagosa Springs, an "extinct" Colorado grizzly was surprised on its day bed by a bowhunter named Ed Wiseman.
Their successful referenda defeating gay rights in Colorado and in Tampa and Temple Terrace, Florida, as well as the slim margin in Oregon (56 to 44 per cent), have given fundamentalist leaders encouragement to draft further anti-gay initiatives and branch out into other fertile territory - primarily rural, working-class communities.
Words can hardly express it, we are so upset," says Janine Bjoklun, a citizen tree-board member in Haxtun, Colorado.

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