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SURGERY, med. jur. That part of the healing art which relates to external diseases; their treatment; and, specially, to the manual operations adopted for their cure.
     2. Every lawyer should have some acquaintance with surgery; his knowledge on this subject will be found useful in cases of homicide and wounds.

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He pointed out that they have been doing colorectal surgery for the last sixteen years and mostly they do open procedures rather than using laparoscopic or robotics.
Key words: Analgesia, epidural; Analgesia, patient-controlled; Colorectal surgery
Port site metastases after laparoscopic colorectal surgery for cure of malignancy.
Material and Methods: All presentations at Congress of Turkish Society of Colorectal Surgery congresses held in 2003, 2007, 2009, 2011 were retrospectively assessed.
Leaving the mark: the frequency and accuracy of tattooing prior to laparoscopic colorectal surgery.
Comment: In this study, administration of a multistrain probiotic preparation prevented postoperative complications in patients undergoing colorectal surgery for cancer.
Our study found that 75% of the surgical procedures performed were in the areas of general, oncologic, and colorectal surgery.
She added that "the specialty of colorectal surgery is a rare one and that there aren't enough Saudi female surgeons in this area and the disease has not yet received enough attention in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.
Qatari women have an important role as examples to other women," says Masheal Abdulla Jassim, clinical nurse specialist in colorectal surgery at Hamad General Hospital.
Overuse of the drugs in health care and farm animals has increased antibiotic resistance and could contribute to thousands of deaths each year among patients having colorectal surgery, chemotherapy or hip replacements.
The book begins with a section on general principles such as preparation for colorectal surgery, types of surgical methods, and specimen handling.
The colorectal surgery specialist told his secretary in an email: "I like my secretary to have big boobs and wear high-heeled f*** me boots.