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PENCIL. An instrument made of plumbago, black lead, red chalk, or other suitable substance, for writing without ink.
     2. It has been holden that a will written with a pencil, could riot, on this account, be annulled. 1 Phillim. R. 1; 2 Phillim. 173.

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Mass-market retailers in the United States sold more than $10 million worth of colored pencils in the 12 weeks ended July 12, according to IRI data.
Fujishiro, "Volumetric modeling of colored pencil drawing," in Proc.
Most prisoners in the state can purchase colored pencils and good quality art paper at prison canteens, but can't get oil paints and canvas.
The Online Colored Pencil Painting School allows the student to obtain an in-depth knowledge of virtually all stages of artwork creation.
Kutch, an art teacher and artist, shares step-by-step, color- illustrated instructions for creating a variety of effects using traditional colored pencils and watercolor pencils.
Pastels can be applied over dried marker colors and over colored pencil, but pencils and especially markers do not work well when applied over pastels.
Raynelle's face lit up with a broad smile when the counselor opened a container containing colored pencils.
Here, a sampling of his colored pencil illustrations captures scenes from Naval Aviation's role in the war.
Try using baby oil to soften the look of a colored pencil drawing.
After endless experimentation, she developed a colored pencil process that she could use to create super-realistic art that met her own exacting standards.
Eugene colored pencil artist Do Mi Stauber will be featured in the February issue of American Artist magazine, which is due on the stands early this month.
Written in bouncy rhyme by an elementary school teacher, and brightly illustrated in colored pencil, this picture book will appeal to young children and the adults who love to read to them.