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Under the direction of itinerants who functioned as preachers, colporteurs, and subscription agents, the growth of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the expansion of the Methodist Book Concern's denominational market became mutually reinforcing.
As instruments of "public relations," colporteurs were to avoid "religious controversy" in their office and "should be silent on topics of political agitation.
These agents and contraptions of circulation were endlessly featured in mission publicity material and functioned as prosthetic extensions of missionaries: as James Rennie, a Scottish colporteur commented, "I am the legs of John Bunyan .
During the late 1800s and well into the 1900s, the Presbytery of Quebec was heavily involved in "French work" through the denomination's support of the French-Canadian Evangelization Society, the work of the Bible Society and its colporteurs, and the contribution of the fiery French-Canadian evangelist Rev.
Par ailleurs, on retrouve dans les bureaux nationaux de grandes associations protestantes internationales comme la Canadian Bible Society [Societe biblique canadienne] et la Salvation Army [l'Armee du Salut], tous deux a Toronto, des documents essentiels tels que la correspondance entretenue avec les coreligionnaires francophones ou les rapports annuels des << colporteurs de Bible >>, personnages centraux dans l'essor de la communaute franco-protestante du XIXe siecle.
Throngs of people roam the roads: merchants, colporteurs, vagabonds, itinerant monks, runaway religious, poets and troubadours, teachers and college students, courriers, healers, real pilgrims, gypsies, craftsmen, and parasites.
There were practically no Protestants in Albania prior to 1991, except for occasional Bible colporteurs or evangelists who drifted from Macedonia to Albania, but in numbers insufficient to start a church.
Ethnic pride being what it is, one can hardly expect gitanos to attribute what they regard as their private family heritage to moriscos, peasants, peddlers, professional female mourners, or the blind beggars and colporteurs who played a central role in the diffusion of popular culture in Spain for hundreds of years.
Voila pourquoi le nombre de ces colporteurs des temps modernes a atteint plus de 128.
Significativement, dans cette ceuvre badine, notamment dans son Recueil de ces messieurs et ses Memoires de l'Academie des colporteurs, il propose souvent des pastiches des "memoires" publies par l'Academie des Inscriptions.
As political pamphlets were sold by colporteurs as well as by booksellers, at least part of the edition needed to be sold already sewn (as in this example), or stitched, and given a protective cover.