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7) For more on structural continuities in late imperial and early Soviet Oriental studies, see Minassian, Colporteurs du Komintern, 56-60.
Le souci de montrer comment la rumeur nait et se propage et quelle est la condition generale ou particuliere de ses colporteurs ou de ses recepteurs est atteste chez Polybe.
Under the direction of itinerants who functioned as preachers, colporteurs, and subscription agents, the growth of the Methodist Episcopal Church and the expansion of the Methodist Book Concern's denominational market became mutually reinforcing.
During the last third of the nineteenth century enterprising Russian publishers flooded the country with new representations of citizens and subjects in works that ranged from the humble lubok--the cheap often crudely hand colored prints that circulated at urban stands, rural markets, and through colporteurs - to illustrated weekly magazines sold by subscription to a general readership and themed publications for women, children, hunters, and even hairdressers.
Rowe, "From Colporteurs to Cooperative Program: A Century of Southern Baptist Stewardship and the Rise of the Southern Baptist Convention," Baptist History and Heritage 41, no.
Il etait donc disponible aussi bien chez des colporteurs que sur les etals de divers marchands non specialises comme ces epiciers-libraires si frequents dans les campagnes a la fin du XVIIIe siecle.
Numbers feature prominently in the third chapter, on the rise of a national literary culture, established, in large part, through the appearance of large publishing and distribution firms and the decline and eventual disappearance of the colporteurs who carried books to distant villages.
By the early 1820s, when these presses had issued no more than a few hundred copies of a very limited number of gazettes and treatises, the BFBS had printed upwards of 40,000 books of scripture, which its colporteurs were spreading through the markets of India, Iran, and the Arab Middle East.
Colporteurs were also subject to elaborate instruction manuals and trade publications such as the American Messenger, devoted to their continuing training in the field.
Elles se developperont ensuite a la fin des annees 1960 avec la venue des premiers colporteurs senegalais qui initient dans les rues des grandes agglomerations urbaines (Paris, Marseille, Strasbourg par exemple) un commerce d'art et d'artisanat africains.
The 5 most dangerous of all Christian vocations (over 3% murder rates) are bishops, evangelists, catechists, colporteurs, foreign missionaries.
Chaque annee les colporteurs quittaient leurs villages pour aller vendre leur pieces d'etoffes, non seulement a Lyon mais aussi jusqu'en Flandre, en Belgique ou en Hollande.