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COLT. An animal of the horse species, whether male or female, not more than four years old. Russ. & Ry. 416.

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The behaviour of the young colt and foal appeared very modest, and that of the master and mistress extremely cheerful and complaisant to their guest.
The carcass of the colt was forthcoming in due season, but the captain insisted that one half of it should be set apart for the use of the chieftain's family.
This was a case beyond his mark; however, he comforted the old woman with a promise that he would endeavor to procure something to relieve her, at the fort on the Wallah-Wallah, and would bring it on his return; with which assurance her husband was so well satisfied, that he presented the captain with a colt, to be killed as provisions for the journey: a medical fee which was thankfully accepted.
Mother Atkinson, as all called their hostess, was the merriest there, and the busiest; for she kept flying up to wait on the children, to bring out some new dish, or to banish the live stock, who were of such a social turn that the colt came into the entry and demanded sugar; the cats sat about in people's laps, winking suggestively at the food; and speckled hens cleared the kitchen floor of crumbs, as they joined in the chat with a cheerful clucking.
Mackenzie promptly caught up the Colt and opened the chamber in the butt.
It's more for fun than money, but buying a Colts plate will allow fans to be a part of building the stadium that kept the Colts here while showing their support for the best team in the NFL," said Daniels.
There was more jabbering by the Broncos this week, particularly from safety Kenoy Kennedy, that the Colts receivers are soft.
Colts Neck Solutions LLC offers business process and technology consulting services focused on business to business process integration.
After two decades filled mostly with futility since they arrived from Baltimore, the Colts appear to have their act together.
In support, today's Colts Neck Solutions LLC proposal describes the prospective contributions of workflow, business process management (BPM) and "available to promise" systems processes to the realization of the WMD Commission's vision.
The Colts struck out just twice against Zwoyer and forced ECR defenders to make plays.
People aren't looking at the horse,'' Came Home co-owner Trudy McCaffery said of the compact colt who won the Santa Anita Derby in a gritty effort last month.