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The columnists include Kiai, Kenya Human Rights Commission executive director George Kegoro, activist Muthoni Wanyeki, Fr Gabriel Dolan, Rasna Warah, Gabrielle Lynch, Nic Cheeseman and Kwamchetsi Makokha.
Caption: The Washington Post's "Hate Mail" video series gives its columnists a chance to respond to reader comments.
I was taken aback the other day when one of our renowned columnists sent this snap message to a reader: Please STOP copying me.
Media, particularly editorial writers and columnists, should be at the forefront of keeping public officials honest.
Mushahidullah said that young columnists should make thorough study of historical events to enhance their knowledge, saying that only knowledge-based writing could attract the readers.
The indictment reportedly seeks a custodial sentence of up to four-and-a-half years for each of the two columnists on charges of "openly insulting religious values adopted by sections of society."
And in this issue, I'd like to sing the praises of the other IT columnists (in alphabetical order, of course): Stephen E.
In 2007, when I was at the progressive media watchdog organization Media Matters for America, we surveyed every daily newspaper in America and asked which syndicated columnists they ran (96 percent responded, so our survey was as close to complete as it could be).
Well, Mr Wiggins we do have editorial controls which we use when necessary but in the case of columnists we do try to allow them freedom to express their opinions - but obviously within reason.
In any event, the summary of syndicated columnists appearing in the four-month period mentioned, almost always on the editorial page or the op-ed page, is as follows.
Columnists show courage when--based on reporting and judgment--they write what they know will alienate them from the people and environments that usually sustain them.
Richard Benedetto, a columnist for USA Today, concurred, writing of the censure debate that Democrats already lag behind Republicans on national security.