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It is in double column. Though reserved in its earlier vocabulary, it becomes, if I remember right, quite garrulous towards the end." He picked the volume from his desk.
"When you search a single column for words with which to express your meaning, you can hardly expect to get everything you want.
Hunt caused a huge pyre of pine wood to be made, which soon sent up a great column of flame that might be seen far and wide over the prairies.
The herd, as the column spread and thickened, was like the endless flocks of the smaller birds, whose extended flanks are so often seen to heave up out of the abyss of the heavens, until they appear as countless as the leaves in those forests, over which they wing their endless flight.
Asinus was posted in the centre, in consideration of his nerves, and then the old man, with his three male companions, divided themselves in such a manner as they thought would enable them to turn the head of the rushing column, should it chance to approach too nigh their position.
A half-hour later I rode out of the city gate with the column that accompanied Kulan Tith upon the way to meet his friend and ally.
Toward noon we came in touch with the head of the column we had set out to meet.
Away behind him as far as eye could reach rolled the far-stretching, unbroken river of steel-rank after rank and column after column, with waving of plumes, glitter of arms, tossing of guidons, and flash and flutter of countless armorial devices.
The haste of the column to reach the battle seemed to the forlorn young man to be some- thing much finer than stout fighting.
It came to me that we were at the head of the column. Half a mile of it had disappeared--where or how I never learned.
Long ere the last of the column could hope to reach the upper pits which lay above the danger point I was convinced that the waters would surge after us in overwhelming volume, and that fully half the expedition would be snuffed out.
The path wound through the jungle in a northeasterly direction, and along it the column moved in single file.