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By uniting the several detachments of his command, this officer might have arrayed nearly double that number of combatants against the enterprising Frenchman, who had ventured so far from his reinforcements, with an army but little superior in numbers.
This is the first tournament under the new law, whidh allow each combatant to use any weapon he may pre- fer.
The combatants were watching each other with alert eyes; a perfect stillness, a breathless interest reigned.
The two combatants, their seconds, and the conductor passed through the cars to the rear of the train.
While exclaiming loudly against duels and brawls, they excited them secretly to quarrel, deriving an immoderate satisfaction or genuine regret from the success or defeat of their own combatants.
As the light shone on them a cry was heard from the other two combatants.
The contest continued, the combatants clinched each other, and panted and groaned, and rolled among the rocks.
Two only contented themselves with pushing with their feet combatants who came under their table.
Some of the incidents contained in the following pages will be recognized, notwithstanding the substitution of fictitious names, by such as have heard, from old men's lips, the fate of the few combatants who were in a condition to retreat after "Lovell's Fight.
There was a moment's pause in the struggle, as though the combatants were testing their weapons.
And it was at this precise moment, just as the two spectators, reinforced now by eleven other men of sporting tastes, were congratulating themselves on their acumen in having stopped to watch, that Police-Constable Robert Bryce, intruding fourteen stones of bone and muscle between the combatants, addressed to Mr Shute these memorable words: ''Ullo, 'ullo
Wherever messages could be passed between us that could not be intercepted by our enemies I passed the word that all our vessels were to withdraw from the fight as rapidly as possible, taking a position to the west and south of the combatants.

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