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In addition to the karate and combatives, Sensei Feldt is training in Kyusho, Qigong and the healing arts.
The tournament also serves as a motivational tool to encourage more service members to advance in their combatives training.
Training in Modern Army Combatives has led other MNTF-E members to get into the sport.
Soldiers most often enter small houses and rooms during combat operations, so the Army wants to take the ground-grappling principles taught in combatives and emphasize them from a standing position, Larsen said.
The bad part was that we had to change our training because of floods and landslides; the good part was that we completed combatives, which could be conducted anywhere," said the training noncommissioned officer of the 670th.
During initial entry training Soldiers go through training such as weapons immersion, convoy live fire, urban operation, and combatives training.
Seminar topics include Close Quarter Combatives, Tactical Folding Knife, Weapon Retention and Gun Grab Counters, Ground Fighting Techniques, and Tactical Edged Weapons Defense.
Teams from around the nation took to the mats as hundreds of spectators filled the stands at the Smith Fitness Center gymnasium to watch nearly 200 male and female Soldiers compete in gender-neutral combatives matches.
Endurance events are crucial; activities such as confidence and obstacle courses, grass and guerilla drills, foot marches, combatives, and general strength training are all things that must be considered when putting together a PT program.
In this Commandant's Note I want to talk about combatives instruction, its purpose, and some of the initiatives we are pursuing in training for this key dimension of the close fight.
The purpose of combatives training as identified in Chapter 1-2 of FM 3-25.
Modern Combatives is a functional mixed martial art form combining Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing, clinch hitting, takedowns and groundfighting techniques.