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The school had actually incorporated combatives into their program.
But Soldiers often struggled to retain knowledge gained in unit combatives training, so adjustments were needed.
Levels 1 and 2 are being changed to the basic and tactical combatives courses, while the basic and tactical combatives instructor courses replace Levels 3 and 4.
The combatives training included blocks of instruction on back mounts, front mounts, guarding, body positioning, takedowns, and throws.
Once IET Soldiers complete BCT they are familiarized with the combatives program, and are prepared for the natural progression of training, basic ground grappling, advanced ground grappling, takedowns, strikes and kicks, fight strategy, and situational training.
TO help stay in peak physical condition, several Soldiers at Forward Operating Base Kalsu, Iraq, are taking the fight to each other with tae kwon do, boxing and Army combatives.
Every foot march should be followed by a short supervised combatives session with every buddy team.
Combatives training begins with physical conditioning, and performance-oriented strength training is an effective way to achieve it.
Level II and III training at the Combatives School elevate drastically in intensity.
For more information, visit the Combatives School Web site at www.
Our experiences in Afghanistan and Iraq show that in order for our Soldiers to survive, succeed, and dominate in urban environments they require a mastery of short range battle (SRB) skills that include combatives, breaching, and short range marksmanship.
Combatives Certification (each soldier conducts drills and is required to do an instruction type of walk/talk-through of a chosen drill).