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In today's "uniform price" auction process, ComEd is the only buyer while their sister company, Exelon Generation, is one of the primary sellers.
Currently, Comed is operating under a rate freeze and secures power through a below market, full requirements contract with its affiliate Exelon Generation Company, LLC.
After 2004 the supply agreement with Comed changes to a partial requirements contract equal to the available capacity of the nuclear generating plants previously owned by Comed and transferred to Exgen.
ComEd Financing III's (the Trust) $200 million issue of trust preferred securities is rated 'BBB' by Fitch Ratings.
To date, Spire Solar Chicago has worked with the City, ComEd, and the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs to install approximately 500kW of solar photovoltaic generation systems within the City.
In January 2001, ComEd entered into a fixed price, full requirements contract with Exelon Generation Company, LLC (Generation) that will supply the company's provider of last resort obligation (PLR) through 2004 and lowers business risk.
Each of these public projects received generous support from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Community Affairs (DCCA), the City of Chicago, and ComEd.