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In addition, customers can report outages through the website at ComEd.
In today's "uniform price" auction process, ComEd is the only buyer while their sister company, Exelon Generation, is one of the primary sellers.
ComEd also introduced a mobile app for iPhone and Android smart phones that gives customers the ability to report power outages and manage their accounts.
However, even if Comed receives a favorable ICC ruling in the pending procurement case, the probability of a settlement that includes a deferral mechanism has been raised by public pronouncements by Exelon's management of a willingness to enter into a 'cap and defer' agreement to limit rate shock in 2007, following the expiration of the current transition period and rate freeze on Dec.
PJM Interconnection, the independent regional transmission grid operator and planner for the ComEd service territory, has selected the Grand Prairie Gateway Project as the best solution for addressing current system congestion and ensuring the continued efficient flow of electricity across northern Illinois.
ComEd is pushing the Illinois Commerce Commission to approve a new system for setting electricity prices.
Public safety is paramount during storms, and ComEd encourages the public to remember to take the following precautions:
As part of the Energy Infrastructure Modernization Act (EIMA) legislation, ComEd is committed to reduce the system frequency of outages by 20 percent and the system duration of outages by 15 percent over ten years.
The supply contracts with PECO (senior secured debt rated 'A' by Fitch) and Comed (senior secured debt rated 'A-') extend through 2010 and 2006, respectively and account for approximately 50%-60% of annual sales.
ComEd offers the following safety tips for customers with flooded basements.
ComEd Financing III's (the Trust) $200 million issue of trust preferred securities is rated 'BBB' by Fitch Ratings.
CHICAGO, March 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ComEd is closely monitoring and preparing for the winter storm expected to hit Northern Illinois early Tuesday morning.