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By checking a few lexicons of comestibles in Shahnama of Ferdowsi, the above article is an attempt to strengthen the literary understanding and recognition of Ferdowsi and his intellectual mission and promoting the idea of Iranians.
To make a sound understanding of the offence these senior individuals are charged with and the status of the released seven (7), it is only imperative to have an insight of the legal chronicle and comestibles.
Is the middle-class purveyor of comestibles showing us pictures of all the lovely grub we could buy to further expand our waistlines?
AS BRITAIN'S leading frozen food chain, it's difficult to know if anything could unseat Iceland from its place atop the reheatable comestibles market.
Although merchandising and those highly contentious comestibles are valuable sidelines, the unique selling point of a football club, its make-orbreak product, is the team.
Les toits des immeubles autrefois servant de lieu sur pour l'elevage de la volaille ou la culture de quelques plantes soient-elles comestibles ou decoratives, se sont transformes en immenses depots de bric-a-brac
Les opportunites d'investissement sont caracterisees par poses par la diversite dans differents domaines, qui varient d'un Etat a l'autre y compris le secteur industriel dans l'industrie du ciment, sucre et des huiles comestibles, tandis que l'exploitation miniere inclus les opportunites de l'or, le cuivre, le fer, le marbre, le plomb, le zinc, le sable noir, les mineraux de manganese, d'uranium et d'autres.
But these weird and wacky comestibles are among the dazzling array of strange fruit coming soon to a supermarket near you, if buyers at Marks and Spencer (M&S) know their onions.
The last chapter of the book covers edible nests and food stores--as in nests humans consume and the places birds store their own comestibles.
AFTER being caught on CCTV removing Christmas comestibles from his local Tesco store without scanning the goodies first, a multi millionaire TV celebrity bravely admitted his guilt and accepted a caution from the police.
The actor representing the baker will be denied such comestibles, however.