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ACTOR, practice. 1. A plaintiff or complainant. 2. He on whom the burden of proof lies. In actions of replevin both parties are said to be actors. The proctor or advocate in the courts of the civil law, was called actor.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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COMIC actors Pauline Daniels,above,and Mickey Finn star in the comedy Elsie and Norm's Macbeth next month in Port Sunlight.
Walter Matthau, who died on Saturday aged 79, was one of the greatest comic actors of the 20th century, according to his friend, director Michael Winner.
Rik has been visited by fellow comic actors Adrian Edmonson and Peter Richardson, who co- starred with him in Four Men In A Car on Channel 4 last night.
French actor-manager and playwright, best known as a writer of soties (satirical farces) for Les Enfants sans souci, a famous medieval guild of comic actors. Gringore was for a time its second dignitary, Mere Sotte ("Mother Fool").
Cambridge University classmate Emma Thompson, the 40-year-old Fry has spent more than a decade as one of British television's favorite comic actors. He regularly pops up in London's West End theater scene, in films (A Fish Called Wanda, I.Q., Peter's Friends), and on spoken-word audiotapes that showcase his scrumptious baritone voice.