coming soon

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"I was told they are coming soon. I am also expecting Andrew any day.
Laska flew up to him, welcomed him, and jumping up, asked him in her own way whether the others were coming soon, but getting no answer from him, she returned to her post of observation and sank into repose again, her head on one side, and one ear pricked up to listen.
"There was a strong expectation of his coming soon after the marriage, but it ended in nothing; and I have not heard him mentioned lately."
Kitty simpered and smiled, and hoped her turn was coming soon. Mrs.
I do not mind having to work: but if you will send me one little line, and say, "I AM COMING SOON," I will bide on, Angel--O, so cheerfully!
-- "Apropos," continued he, "Franz is coming soon, but it will not interest you; you dislike him, I think?"
"Pretty well, ma'am; but I like Phebe better." An answer which caused Aunt Plenty to hold up her hands in despair and trot away to tell sister Peace that she never should understand that child, and it was a mercy Alec was coming soon to take the responsibility off their hands.
"The winter is coming--ah, my love, the winter is coming soon!"
'When things is very bad,' said Trotty; 'very bad indeed, I mean; almost at the worst; then it's "Toby Veck, Toby Veck, job coming soon, Toby!
She thought Philip would be coming soon; and with great effort--for she trembled visibly--she rose to go to a distant chair.
And here is my aunt coming soon; and you'll like her of all things too, when you know her.'
Mowgli felt that the end was coming soon, and contented himself with striking merely to cripple.