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verb adjure, authorize, bid, call for, call upon, charge, compel, constrain, decree, demand, direct, direct imperatively, enact, exact, exercise authority, force, give directions, give orders, govern, have control, hominem iubere facere, homini imperare, homini praecipere ut faciat, imminere, impose, instruct, issue a command, issue a deeree, issue an order, lead, mandate, ordain, order, order with authority, prescribe, proclaim, promulgate an order, rule, state authoritatively, take charge, take the lead
Foreign phrases: In maleficio, ratihabitio mandato commaratur.In tort, a ratification is regarded as a command. Qui mandat ipse fecisse videtur. He who gives an order is held to be the doer. Ratihabitio mandato aequiparatur. Ratification is equivalent to an express command. Remissius imperanti melius paretur. He who commands more gently is better obeyed.
See also: administration, agency, assign, call, canon, claim, coerce, coercion, commission, compel, compulsion, conduct, constrain, control, decree, demand, desire, detail, dictate, direct, direction, directive, discipline, dominate, dominion, edict, efficiency, enact, enforce, enjoin, exhort, fiat, force, generalship, govern, government, handle, hegemony, hold, impose, influence, injunction, insist, instruct, instruction, jurisdiction, knowledge, law, learning, manage, management, mandamus, mandate, manipulate, mittimus, moderate, monition, motivate, occupation, occupy, officiate, operate, order, ordinance, overcome, overlook, oversee, own, possess, possession, power, precept, predominance, predominate, prescribe, prescription, preside, press, pressure, prevail, primacy, process, regime, regulate, regulation, request, require, requirement, rule, ruling, skill, strength, subjugate, subpoena, summon, summons, superintend, supervise, supervision, supremacy, surmount, takeover, wield, will, writ

COMMAND. This word has several meanings. 1. It signifies an order; an apprentice is bound to obey the lawful command of his master; a constable may command rioters to keep the peace.
     2. He who commands another to do an unlawful act, is accessary to it. 3 Inst. 51, 57; 2 Inst. 182; 1 Hayw.
     3. Command is also equivalent to deputation or voluntary substitution; as, when a master employs one to do a thing, he is said to have Commanded him to do it; and he is responsible accordingly. Story Ag. Sec. 454, note.

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Al Mazeina, who is renowned for his ability to read people and detect criminals, became Deputy Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police in 2008.
Because that's where the new VFW is headed on Presidents Day, its commander-in-chief says.
military presence or access to host country resources that the theater commander-in-chief possesses.
Army forces, was reluctant to ask his volatile commander-in-chief to reconsider.
org), the ACLJ explains that the Constitution provides "the President, serving as Commander-in-Chief, with broad authority to take those measures he deems necessary to secure the United States against enemy infiltration and attack.
Summary: UAE Foreign Minister Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan met Egypt's Interim President Adli Mansour, Interim Vice-President Mohammed El Baradei and General Abdel Fattah El Sisi, First Deputy Prime Minister, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defence and Military Production of Egypt, here on Sunday.
The Government has appointed Vice Admiral Shekhar Sinha, presently Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to Chairman, Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) as the next Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief (FOC-in-C) Western Naval Command with effect from August 31, 2012 when Vice Admiral DK Joshi the present Commander-in-Chief takes over as the Chief of the Naval Staff.
The incident occurred when Nambiar was flying Lt Gen N C Marwah, Commander-in-Chief, Andaman and Nicobar Command, from Naval Air Station Shibpur to Neil Island on April 8 last year.
The fleet review began with the INS Agray, an anti-submarine corvette, offering the first salute to the Commander-in-Chief.

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