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I have carried out the commandment of the king; I have slain her, mad or sane, whom the king commanded should be killed, and I have earned not death, but a reward.
Many a law, many a commandment have I broken, but my word never.
The Caliph's commandment fell upon me like a thunderbolt.
Constantly carrying out their policy of making Configuration the leading idea in every mind, the Circles reverse the nature of that Commandment which in Spaceland regulates the relations between parents and children.
But I hold that Christians are freed from the literal observance of the Fourth Commandment.
He put it in his trousers pocket when he went to bed, together with his false teeth, of which he had two beautiful sets that, my own being none of the best, have often caused me to break the tenth commandment.
Well, then, my first commandment is, Thou shalt not omit to shave every day.
This threat so terrified the King of Madagao that in hastening to comply he fell over his own feet, breaking the Third Commandment.
Jews observance of the day was enforced by a Commandment of which this
There should have been a special commandment against nagging.
Ray had, so it appeared, some very peculiar prejudices against the taking or making of any kind of picture whatsoever, owing to an exceedingly strict interpretation of the second commandment.
And verily, it is no commandment for to-day and to-morrow to LEARN to love oneself.