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IN COMMENDAM. The state or condition of a church living, which is void or vacant, and it is commended to the care of some one. In, Louisiana, there is a species of partnership called a partnership in commendam. Vide Commendam.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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He was keen to regularize episcopal commendams (preferment annexed to poor bishoprics to increase the holder's atipend) and was in favour of a modest redistribution of clerical incomes.
He received the Benedictine abbey at Montebourg in commendam from Louis XI in 1472, and he was prior in commendam of Saint Martin-des-Champs in Paris from 1457, sending there precious vestments; see Morandiere, 468 and 485.
382v]) record his continuing patronage at Rouen, induding gifts to the episcopal manor and to several Benedictine foundations, such as Mont-Saint-Michel, held by him in commendam.
[29.] Foy CD Plant adaptation to acid, aluminum toxic soils, Commendams of Soil Science.
At best, James is taking, as he did in the commendams case,(90) an extremely favorable view of common law traditions in their upholding of royal prerogative.
Also, as early as 1612 in his essay "Of Judicature," Bacon had advised the kind of consultation between sovereign and judges which Coke so objected to in the commendams case of 1616.