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COMMENDATION. The act of recommending, praising. A merchant who merely commends goods he offers for sale, does not by that act warrant them, unless there is some fraud: simplex commendatio non obligat.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The commendations should only be awarded to people who do good things for the country.
Islamabad -- On July 16, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has announced to award the Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendations 2019 to Dr.
PJBF received the commendations of recognition of its significant contributions to the promotion of economic relations between Japan and Pakistan.
ISLAMABAD -- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has awarded the Japanese Foreign Minister's Commendations to two Pakistani individuals and a Japanese in recognition of their significant contribution to the promotion of friendly relations between Japan and Pakistan in their respective fields.
The commendations conferment ceremony was held today at the official residence of H.
Cypriot mechanical engineer Nikos Akamas was one of the recipients of commendations awarded on Tuesday by the commander of the British bases in Cyprus for his outstanding service over the past 20 years, the British bases said in a statement.
PCs Phil Sekowski and Tony Harrison with their commendations
Hearing Aid Solutions director of audiology Martyn Scott has also won two commendations. He said: "We are delighted to receive another award this year, and are really proud that our excellence in aftercare has been recognised once again by our patients.
The four joint commander's commendations for Boulmer personnel was the most given to any station.
Commendations went to seafarers with 20 years of service aboard MOL-operated vessels.
AIR FORCE and civilian personnel at RAF Leeming have been awarded medals and commendations for their dedicated work.