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IN COMMENDAM. The state or condition of a church living, which is void or vacant, and it is commended to the care of some one. In, Louisiana, there is a species of partnership called a partnership in commendam. Vide Commendam.

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5) Nacquero la "Societa Ginnastica di Torino" e la Palestra di Torino (1844), tra i cui benemeriti fondatori il De Amicis scherzosamente annovera uno dei personaggi di Amore e ginnastica, il Commendator Celzani.
The tenant is a radio star commendator who falls in love with a mysterious suicidal young woman whom he tries to help without much luck.
The fifth son of Patrick Leslie of Pitcairly, commendator of Lindores, and Lady Jean Stuart, daughter of the Earl of Orkney; little is known of his early career except that he went to the Continent, probably to serve in the Dutch army, as a young man (c.
In citta io ero il Commendator Franceschi, tutto preso nei miei affari e non degnavo d'uno sguardo gl'inservienti e la portinaia.
6, 23, 5 (fauTOR etiam commendaTORque): commendator neol.
And attempts by the commendators to add a sober note only added to the nutty levity.