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Thick-headed commentators upon the Bible, and stupid preachers and teachers, work more damage to religion than sensible, cool-brained clergymen can fight away again, toil as they may.
As for Tom's Bible, though it had no annotations and helps in margin from learned commentators, still it had been embellished with certain way-marks and guide-boards of Tom's own invention, and which helped him more than the most learned expositions could have done.
Resuming existence at the expiration of this time, he would invariably find his great work converted into a species of hap-hazard note-book -- that is to say, into a kind of literary arena for the conflicting guesses, riddles, and personal squabbles of whole herds of exasperated commentators. These guesses, etc., which passed under the name of annotations, or emendations, were found so completely to have enveloped, distorted, and overwhelmed the text, that the author had to go about with a lantern to discover his own book.
The revealing is done by the commentators, who know nothing.
According to a royal commentator, Rob Shuter, the Duchess of Sussex is wishing to return to work in Hollywood.
According to Mumbai Mirror, the ICC was concerned with the way former Windies fast-bowler, and now a renowned commentator, Michael Holding lashed out at umpires due to the controversial calls made during his national side's match against Australia on Thursday.
Radio commentator stabbed to death in Butuan !-- -- Artemio Dumlao ( - April 20, 2019 - 4:34pm BAGUIO CITY, Philippines A commentator of a radio station in Butuan City died after he was stabbed Saturday morning, the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines said.
'We know how to fulfil obligations of friendship and how to respond to enmity,' says one of the commentators. Pakistan wants peace with its neighbours, the commentator continued, but balance of power in the region is real issue.
Muscat: Omani commentator Khalil Al Balushi has apologised for comments that he made during the quarter final match of the Asian Cup 2019 between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.
Despite my differences with him, I always admired him as a commentator. The heights reached by him will always remain a challenge for the coming generation of broadcasters.
It comes after the use of Vicki Sparks as a commentator on BBC One drew criticism from some fans.
With all the money and glamour thrown into the event, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) could have easily managed a more prolific local cricket commentator, unless, of course, they have their favourites.