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Britvic said the ad was one of a series posted by Mackintosh as part of a commercial endorsement.
Talking with reporters, Kris said she signed commercial endorsement contracts last week with "embedded" waivers that she would not run for public office.
Media5 products and solutions are widely interoperable and have received commercial endorsement from many of the world's leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment as well as from large telecommunication carriers.
He has turned down every commercial endorsement he has been offered Quote: "It's better to burn out than to fade away.
In her eyes, the lack of anything risque makes a commercial endorsement acceptable for a purported journalist.
Applicants, male or female, must have a Royal Yacht Association Yachtmaster Ocean Certificate with a current commercial endorsement.
A GMTV spokeswoman said of the ASDA deal: "None of our presenters can do any kind of commercial endorsement.
Buckingham Palace never confirm the Queen's partiality to Malvern Still Water, for fear of implying any commercial endorsement.
HOLLYWOOD Dominican Republic-born baseball slugger Sammy Sosa has hit yet another dinger, only this time the playing field is the Internet, an expanding commercial endorsement avenue for today's athletes.
Lawyers for BBC Worldwide, the Corporation's commercial arm, told Virgin it breached guidelines on the commercial endorsement of third parties.

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