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The government and the Senate Standing Committee on IT have opposed the proposal to allow the SCO to operate as a commercial entity throughout Pakistan.
Various crimes could be committed in a social or commercial entity and investigations could be launched over suspicions of such crimes," he wrote, adding that weak or strong suspicions about the commission of various crimes in an organization do not necessarily mean that that organization is a crime or terror organization.
A commercial entity was also created that will target domestic micro-business ventures.
If it was really a commercial entity it should have gone the way of other failed firms.
Enrico Anatasio, senior vice-president (commercial) Fiat India, will lead the new commercial entity and drive the revival process for the company.
Alamgir's voice still sends us down memory lane, the time when music was considered an art and not a commercial entity. One of Alamgir's songs was Keh Dena, which was produced by Pakistan Television in the 1980s.
The sponsor can be a Bahraini commercial entity or a Bahraini individual.
The Prime Minister said being a commercial entity, an organization like PIA had to work out a strategy to overcome its difficulties, make up for the losses and provide satisfactory service to its passengers.
The taxpayer had negotiated with three different buyers--a commercial entity, a school district, and a city government--separate, renewable, take-or-pay contracts for the sale of large quantities of compressed natural gas (CNG).
After the acquisition, RBI intends to merge Polbank with its corporate banking division Raiffeisen Bank Polska, producing Poland's sixth-largest commercial entity in terms of assets.
After a failed privatisation programme, Czech Airlines has developed a revised business model to turn the company into what it describes as a "truly stable commercial entity".
A common practice to satisfy the FCC's 5 percent rule is for the commercial entity leasing the spectrum to grant a certain number of end-user licenses to the educational institution for use by its students, faculty, administrators, or however the institution deems fit.

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