Commission of

REBELLION, COMMISSION OF. A commission of rebellion is the name of a writ issuing out of chancery to compel the defendant to appear. Vide Commission of Rebellion.

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It happened that the famous Commission of the 2nd of June had set on foot an inquiry into the irrigation of lands in the Zaraisky province, which fell under Alexey Alexandrovitch's department, and was a glaring example of fruitless expenditure and paper reforms.
acting in concert) decided on sending a commission of inquiry to Venice, 'for the purpose of obtaining further information.
There may possibly be something in the report of the commission of inquiry touching on Ferrari's disappearance.
The commission of inquiry was already at work; having begun its investigations on December 6.
You know that I am anxious to have that commission of lady of honor, which I have been foolish enough to ask of you, and you do not use your credit.
I have given you a commission of lady of honor which you wished for; you will give me, presently, something I wish for.
So was it done in the Commission of Union, between England and Scotland; which was a grave and orderly assembly.
In the lawsuit, Manny Steinberg, 78, of West Hills, and Jack Brauns, 79, a retired surgeon living in Covina, accuse the commission of conspiring with Italian insurance giant Assicurazioni Generali to reduce the firm's potential payout to Holocaust victims from $1 billion to a mere $100 million.
MTNA will match--up to $500--toward a total commission of $1,000.
A brokerage agreement was entered into between the parties which provided that a commission of $18,000 will be payable to the broker as, if and when title actually closes and the deed is delivered to the purchaser.
Minutes, Trustees of the Historical Commission of the SBC, 22 April 1996, 3.

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