Commission of the European Union

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Commission of the European Union

those appointed, one from each EU country, to act as the executive of the European Union.

By extension the term may apply to the staff who support the Commission. Members of the Commission (Commissioners) are apolitical appointees obliged to work in the interests of the EU and not the appointing state. A new Commission, which is based in Brussels, is appointed every five years. The Commission remains politically accountable to Parliament, which has the power to dismiss the whole Commission - a power which was in fact exercised in 1994. It proposes legislation to Parliament and the Council, manages EU policies and the budget, enforces European law and represents Europe abroad. The Commission President allocates responsibilities to the Commissioners. The Commission's staff is organized in departments, known as Directorates-General (DGs), being headed by a Director-General and services. There are proposals contained in the proposed new Constitution to limit membership, after 2014, of the Commission to two-thirds of member states determined by a rotation system based on the principle of equality. See also COUNCIL OF EUROPE.

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The Commission of the European Union has confessed that only Sweden and Britain are on track to meet the EU's Kyoto goals.
Bayer Group's planned acquisition of the polyols business of Lyondell Chemical has moved a major step closer with the announcement in Brussels, Belgium by the Commission of the European Union that it has no objection to the deal.
With the Commission of the European Union winding itself up to do something about environmental aspects of information technology, ICL, the services arm of Fujitsu Ltd, is positioning itself to be the source of choice for "Green" computer services.
In response, the Commission of the European Union has been active in promoting a global free trade philosophy.
On March 11, an expert commission of the European Union on Pilot Project 2 on Legal Migration of the Prague Process arrived in Bishkek, the press service of the Ministry of Labor, Youth and Migration reported today.
He has engaged in an international transactional practice, testified on franchising before governmental bodies, participated in judicial and administrative proceedings, taught at universities and appeared before business and professional groups in numerous countries and before the Commission of the European Union, as well as before numerous U.S.
After receiving a complaint from the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) in May 2006, the Commission of the European Union began an investigation of imports of peroxosulphates (persulphates) from the U.S., China and Taiwan.
Commission of the European Union on safety of flights updates the list every quarter, and we still are in the list.

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