Commissioners of sewers

COMMISSIONERS OF SEWERS, Eng. law. Officers whose duty it is to repair sea banks and walls, survey rivers, public streams, ditches, &c.

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Other early records of the Surrey and Kent Commissioners of Sewers can be found at the London Metropolitan Archive, which holds a series of twenty-four volumes covering (with some areas missing) the period between January 1569 and 1847.
That she was known to have inherited numerous properties from her husband is verified by Philip Henslowe's will, by the fact that Agnes drew up her own will barely a month after her husband died, and by the report of the Commissioners of Sewers.
Moreover, the Commissioners of Sewers thought her to be very much alive and in charge of the properties that had passed into her possession when they wrote up their report barely a week and half after Henslowe's death.
Ida Darlington, "The London Commissioners of Sewers and their Records" in Prisca Munimenta: Studies in Archival & Administrative History, edited by Felicity Ranger (London: University of London Press, 1973), 282-98.
They appear limited to Parliamentary publications, the records of the Metropolitan Commissioners of Sewers, and Metropolitan Board of Works, and Bazalgette's own papers at the Institution of Civil Engineers.
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