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In Nemat Colony a 25 years old Yaseen son of Akram committed suicide over domestic dispute.
When we checked the recording, it showed that Arif committed suicide by hanging himself,' Raza told Dawn.
Police said Monday that Safia Bibi,wife of Mohammad Farooq,resident of Chak 562-GB went to brick kiln house for work and committed suicide by swallowing poisonous substance.She was immediately shifted to hospital where she breathed her last.
According to details, women committed suicides in large numbers over different issues, including free will marriage, divorce, financial difficulties, sexual assault and kidnapping.
Sumaira Malik Advocate told The Nation that women committed suicide due to frustration caused by social and financial difficulties.
Further, the police sources said that one case was reported in Upper Dir, while 33 people were reported to have committed suicide in the Mitta district.
According to the officers, more than 250 residents have committed suicide since June 2016.
KARACHI: An elderly man committed suicide by shooting himself after killing his disabled wife in the city on Tuesday.
It should be noted that around 18 persons including 16 woman committed suicide for last six months in Chitral.
The Human Rights Commission has claimed that around 3000 people committed suicide every year because of poverty, ignorance, domestic violence, forced marriages and drugs in Afghanistan.
Results: Out of total 87, more male 50(57.5%) than females 37(42.5%) committed suicide. Most victims of suicide fell in the age range between 20-29 years i.e., 26(29.9%).
A 21- year- old woman committed suicide in a Bathinda police station on Saturday under mysterious conditions.

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