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TO COMMIT. To send a person to prison by virtue of a warrant or other lawful writ, for the commission of a crime, offence or misdemeanor, or for a contempt, or non-payment of a debt.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(6) Generically, restorative justice is a way of thinking about how to respond to crime; it is a set of values and ideals that define a just reaction to the commission of a crime and the crime committer. (7) This "new" way of thinking about justice, that actually hearkens back to views of crime and justice prior to the rise of centralized governments in Europe during the middle-ages, (8) is "a wide-ranging movement ...
In order to enforce the "first committer wins" rule, as well as to give appropriate snapshots to the readers, object versions must be labeled with transactions and transactions must be tagged with BOT (beginning of transaction) and EOT timestamps.
What is at issue is not whether every wrongful committer and every wrongful omitter are equivalently culpable.
The seriousness of a singular act committed seems to depend upon extent of committer's personality, aggressive, anti-social disposition, his experience and training in committing criminal acts in the past and also on situational factors such as opportunity, facility of action and on probability of detection, arrest and conviction, etc.
AC Attock Hira Raizwan , Chairman Municipal Committer Attock Sheikh Nasir Mehmood, director local Govt.
public Path getDefaultWorkFile (TaskAttemptContext context, String extension) throws IOException { FileOutputCommitter committer = (FileOutputCommitter) getOutputCommitter (context); return new Path (committer.getWorkPath(), getUniqueFile (context, getOutputName (context), extension)); } //Get a task submission In this study, we use the Hadoop multifile output format MultipleOutputs and write the output to the file system in the form of records, in which the image file name is regarded as the key of the key-value pair, and the image file is regarded as the value of the key-value pair.
The present research has been done to compare personality and demographic specifications of ordinary people who did not committed suicide and suicide committers. The results showed that there are differences between psychological profiles of these people with (ones who do not commit suicide) and the committer.
A commitment device may be valuable if it induces other actors to behave in ways that benefit the committer. For example, in the game of "Chicken"--in which two cars drive directly at each other at deadly speeds until one driver swerves away--throwing your steering wheel out the window is a winning strategy.
The judging panel included RedMonk's James Governor; Groovy, Grails and GPars committer, Dierk Konig; Kito Mann, editor-in-chief of JSF Central, Duke's Choice Award 2005 winner Fabiane Bizinella Nardon; Ted Neward of Neward & Associates; Bruno Souza, Java champion and evangelist, industry reporter Darryl K.
Once he'd even turned himself in as a committer of atrocities--only to be completely ignored.
FLAG DOWNING COMMITTER JAILED: A man who, was shot in the leg by a police officer on Saturday when he attempted to take down a Turkish flag in front of a police station, was sent to jail by the court on Sunday.