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COMMODATE, contracts. A term used in the Scotch law, which is synonymous to the Latin commodatum, or loan for use. Ersk. Inst. B. 3, t. 1, Sec. 20; 1 Bell's Com. 225; Ersk. Pr. Laws of Scotl. B. 3, t. 1, Sec. 9.
     2. Judge Story regrets this term has not been adopted and naturalized, as mandate has been from mandatum. Story, Com. Sec. 221. Ayliffe, in his Pandects, has gone further, and terms the bailor the commodant, and the bailee the commodatory, thus avoiding those circumlocutions, which, in the common phraseology of our law, have become almost indispensable. Ayl. Pand. B. 4, t. 16, p. 517. Browne, in his Civil Law, vol. 1, 352, calls the property loaned "commodated property." See Borrower; Loan for use; Lender.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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If you do, you'll need to create a rough window frame opening large enough to ac commodate the entire window unit, with an extra half-inch clearance on the sides, top and bottom for adjustment.
"As a semisolid lubricant many industries use grease to lubricate their machines, tools, industrial process systems and other equipment and thus, Industrial Leaders designed its new directory to commodate companies sourcing for such solutions," said Howe.
The acts for good and valuable consideration as well those for gratuitous use that are not gifts, but simple disinterested acts (for example the commodate), are not restrained by law,because they do not decrease the inheritance, of course in the measure that these acts are not disguised donations for which the law presents limits.
Where downsizing is short term the rental saving on smaller premises may well be offset by the cost of the move - and then moving again in the near term to ac commodate growth as th economy improves.
Flex restraints ac commodate pipe 4" to 63" and above.
promotes a political division of Jerusalem to ac= commodate demands of the Palestinian Authority, which seeks to base the cap= ital of a future Palestinian Arab state in the city.
WHETHER YOU'RE planning an intimate gathering for 10 or a large-scale convention, the Keystone Resort & Convention Center 1s 50 meeting rooms can not only ac commodate, it can inspire.
In days past there was always the ability to change cash pricing to ac commodate changes in market share gyrations.
Platen presses also use flat stamping dies which are much less expensive than their rotary counterparts which have to ac commodate the curvature of the cylinder.
And they will have to help other physicians "commodate this new way of thinking if the medical profession is to continue in a leading role in health care matters.
I don't know how to tell it--but ef sich a thing could be As the Angeles wantin' boardin', and they'd call around on me-- I'd want to 'commodate 'em--all the whole-indurin' flock-- When the frost is on the punkin and the fodder's in the shock!
The Green Climate Fund has allo- cated a grant of $28m to Mauritius to finance strengthening of the grid to ac- commodate intermittent renewable en- ergy and deploy solar PV in Agalega.