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6] And it could be argued that it is only as a result of spectacle that a political victory is secured in Gladiaton surely: it is only by way of the combat sequences that victory over the tyranny of Commodus is achieved; it is precisely from within the logic of the spectacle--for Commodus eventually enters the Colosseum to fight Maximus--that the revolution is won and the freedom of Rome secured.
Gladiator is the tale not of Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) but of a disagreeably virtuous general, Maximus (Russell Crowe), who from the height of military honor is sold into slavery, made a gladiator and then elevated to the status of demagogue, all without relaxing his expression from a glower.
In his attitude toward his son, the emperor could perhaps be faulted for an excess of high-mindedness, since Commodus proved himself lacking in his father's virtue and capacity.
Marble head from the statue of <BEmperor Commodus 185-190 (circa)
Nearly 2000 years later, controversy still remains regarding the 180-192 AD reign of Roman Emperor Commodus.
Here's our chance to find out, as historians look at the life of Commodus, the Roman emperor played by Joaquin Phoenix in the film.
The trio of characters is composed of Emperor Marcus Aurelius (Richard Harris), Army General Maximus (Russell Crowe), who is the spiritual son of Marcus Aurelius, and Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix), the megalomaniacal biological son of the Emperor.
In movie Gladiator, evil Roman Emperor Commodus - played by Joaquin Phoenix - decides on the fate of fighter Russell Crowe by giving the thumb signal.
Also it is quite inaccurate to establish a causal link between the events of 69 and those of 192 after the murder of Commodus or of 235 after the assassination of Severus Alexander.
Phoenix starred in 2004's The Village and was nominated for a supporting actor Oscar for his portrayal of Commodus in 2000's Gladiator.
After the great battle in the German forest, the Roman commander Maximus and the emperor's son Commodus are talking to two senators called Gaius and Falco.
It was as the crazed Roman emperor Commodus in Gladiator that Joaquin confirmed his star quality and since that success, he has really been in demand.