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I wonder if "lowest common denominator" shows up in the Common Core State Standards?
Common Denominators: The church "off CHRIST is a company off faithful people." These people are "separated from the word by the word & Spirit off God." These people are knit "unto the LORD, & one another, by Baptisme." This baptism takes place "upon their owne confession of the faith ...
The amount and quality of information needed by estimators in all phases of completed demolition projects cost should include the type of information that would provide the costs taken from past completed projects broken down by different cost centers, while at the same dine reflect the percentage, or dollar value, of each cost center as it relates to a series of common denominators used by the demolition industry.
But the second and more fundamental common denominator is an absence of internal oversight.
Barbarash confirms only that the group seeks to "liberate" animals from laboratories and factory farms, and to "destroy the property of animal abusers." The latter can include "mischief" like spraypainting furrier shop windows, or more drastic action like "setting fires to buildings where the abuse is committed." Common denominators in all activists are belief in environmental or animal rights causes, and disillusionment with traditional governmental means of accomplishing reform.
Convincing demonstration of methodological inadequacy is one thing, but the implied adequacy of limiting Shakespearean meaning to the common denominators of Christian discourse is another.
Common denominators happen both intentionally and by accident.
Balanchine and Stravinsky were the least common denominators, and they were paired together only in Agon.
Developer Joshua Muss has often said patience and time are the common denominators for real estate development in the boroughs of New York City.
Patriotism is a union that is built upon common denominators. Homeland is one such common denominator for people who live in the same country.
Regionalism is the opposite of the new global market order, which attempts to homogenize the world to ensure the success of giant international corporations which in the name of serving consumers, actually pander to the lowest common denominators of function and sensibility.
And I never realised that 'common denominator' meant 'give the same name' to both.

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