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When the PKK terrorism started to escalate in 1984, the official state propaganda gave greater emphasis to Nevruz as a common denominator.
It is important to establish standard accounting cost codes and standard common denominators to be used in preparing job estimating.
Balanchine and Stravinsky were the least common denominators, and they were paired together only in Agon.
Since Occupational Hazards first launched America's Safest Companies in 2002, some common denominators have become apparent.
Other common denominators include having roots in north-east Sweden and an amazing capacity to bounce back.
Small classes, talented faculty, top-flight recruiting, and a format that allows ultra-competitive students to delve deeply into business fundamentals were also common denominators of the best schools.
As a former printing and business forms salesperson, he will share his thoughts on the common denominators found among profitable digital print providers in a keynote titled "Who's Making Money at Digital Printing.

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