Common bar

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COMMON BAR, pleading. A plea to compel the plaintiff to assign the particular place where the trespass has been Committed. Steph. Pl. 256. It i's sometime's called a blank bar. (q.v.)

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You know, downtown doesn't really have any place like Elaine's (on the Upper East Side) that's really a common bar for the film community.
The system can process a wide variety of sample tubes and specimen closure containers using common bar code formats.
DEALERS ADOPT COMMON BAR CODE STANDARDS Within the next few weeks, a consortium of distributors and dealer chains plans to issue a polite but firm ultimatum to the software industry: Adopt an industry-wide bar-coding system by next July, or expect to get a cold shoulder from the biggest players in the reseller channel.
Microplotter Engineering Ltd manufacture an anlyzer, a hand held verification device for all common bar code formats.