Common bar

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COMMON BAR, pleading. A plea to compel the plaintiff to assign the particular place where the trespass has been Committed. Steph. Pl. 256. It i's sometime's called a blank bar. (q.v.)

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The system can process a wide variety of sample tubes and specimen closure containers using common bar code formats.
DEALERS ADOPT COMMON BAR CODE STANDARDS Within the next few weeks, a consortium of distributors and dealer chains plans to issue a polite but firm ultimatum to the software industry: Adopt an industry-wide bar-coding system by next July, or expect to get a cold shoulder from the biggest players in the reseller channel.
Microplotter Engineering Ltd manufacture an anlyzer, a hand held verification device for all common bar code formats.
All common bar codes are included in the NiceLabel SE software, including UPC, EAN, Code 39, Code 128 and 2D bar codes such as PDF417.
Lemelson then belatedly drafted claims seeking to cover the now common bar code technology; he obtained more patents and then sued hundreds of companies who had been innocently using this technology for many years, indeed, decades.