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I too have sadly noticed the decline in common courtesy and manners of my countrymen when I go home, so it is possible that he was indeed an American.
These standards require little more than fair dealing, showing some common courtesy, and recognizing traditional courtroom decorum.
Little did we realise how common courtesy has been crucified by empowerment of neanderthals charged with checking bags for bombs.
The day before, the Sadat family threatened to sue Iranian producers for making the film without first getting permission from the family, which is a common courtesy but not a legal requirement.
The results of Sir Anwar's labours can no more be used as a gauge to the health of wholesaling than can a title like chairman of the Competition Commission be used as an indication of common sense or common courtesy.
These rules all reflect common courtesy in the most thrilling game of all--the game of life.
3 THIS RULE IS pretty standard issue and a matter of common courtesy but I'll go ahead and write it in case you've never lived at a ramp house.
That's common courtesy and, besides, the message can get mangled if you send someone else to deliver it.
Give me a basic level of common courtesy,'' Becca implores Skobo.
When you take the time to call or e-mail someone and they don't have the common courtesy to return it.
James, the protagonist, pays for his lack of charity or even common courtesy in dealing with her.