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Sciatic nerve and tibial never A: It shows the bifurcation (arrow head) of the sciatic nerve (Sc) at the middle of the thigh into common fibular nerve (CFN) and the tibial nerve (TN).
Patients may also present with neurological symptoms as it has been reported that the common fibular nerve is injured in 13% of PLC injuries.
Areas supplied by the common fibular nerve, tibial nerve, and sural nerve are affected, while the area innervated by the femoral nerve and saphenous nerve and the proximal hip muscles are spared.
Foot drop or tibialis anterior muscle weakness is caused by multiple neurological conditions such as brain lesion (3,4), spinal cord disease (5), multiple sclerosis (6), common fibular nerve mononeuropathy (2) and degenerative lumbar vertebral diseases (7,8,9,10,11).