Common nuisance

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COMMON NUISANCE. One which affects the public in general, and not merely some particular person. 1 Hawk. P. C. 197. See Nuisance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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by Tariq Ziad Al Haremi / A common nuisance in Oman is when people drive slowly in the fast lane which results in a long line of vehicles.
"Defendants have made no reasonable attempt to abate the criminal activity at Deerfield Apartments, and should be enjoined from maintaining a common nuisance," Houston argued.
LiceDoctors, a leading head lice removal service making house calls to families in the Baltimore area, cites several head lice facts and clarifies myths with the intention of educating the public on this all too common nuisance.
To determine if any factual basis exists for these concerns in the state, the Ohio Department of Health's Zoonotic Disease Program conducted a survey to identify the most common nuisance and health complaints reported to local health departments.
Cyber attacks are now a very common nuisance and we throw a question to you - can these attacks be ever stopped?
The programme also features Donna, who is eight-weeks pregnant and serving a three-year sentence for common nuisance and drug possession.
Meanwhile, eight weeks pregnant Donna is serving a three-year sentence for common nuisance and drug possession but she doesn't get the news she would have liked.
This lenient treatment was possible because he did not plead guilty to marijuana possession--only to the lesser offense of "maintaining a common nuisance."
Lamb's-quarter is a common nuisance plant (to farmers, anyway) that is similar to spinach.
Perreault had earlier been acquitted by the Ontario Superior Court on 4 charges of criminal negligence causing bodily harm and 1 charge of common nuisance.
"If the proceedings before the License Commission are not sufficient to bring a dramatic improvement to the conditions at this location, I am personally exploring all options and seriously considering the possibility of taking legal action to seek a court order declaring this property a common nuisance and closing the operation of the facility," he said.
produce appreciable and serious injury, it is a single result, not traceable perhaps to any particular one of these respondents, but a result for which they may be liable in equity as contributing to the common nuisance, as we have before stated.