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This resulted, after much debating, in the formulating of two carefully worded propositions: First, that a Socialist believes in the common ownership and democratic management of the means of producing the necessities of life; and, second, that a Socialist believes that the means by which this is to be brought about is the class conscious political organization of the wage-earners.
His office called it Upton's first public statement about the cross- ownership ban, a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rule that bars common ownership of daily newspapers and radio or TV stations within a market.
The deal we know of for sure involves the offices of Real Estate Central, McKay Realtors, Coldwell Banker Quality Real Estate Services in Jacksonville and Coldwell Banker Best Realty in North Little Rock coming under common ownership.
That rule bars common ownership of a newspaper and a broadcast station in the same market.
They welcome congressional pressure to kill an FCC rule that bars common ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations in the same city.
Accordingly, if the acquiring and acquired entities are under common ownership, an election by an acquired LLC to be disregarded or a QSSS election of an acquired corporation would constitute a tax-free property transfer under Sec.
The alignment is important to newspaper companies, since Ness and her two Democratic colleagues favor retaining the ban on common ownership of newspapers and broadcast stations in the same media market.
These new entities differ structurally from the traditional group practices in that they tend to be larger, employ more nonowner physicians, are more capital intensive, may include a not-for-profit owner and are more likely to be "related" by common ownership to other entities.
Very briefly, it involves determining if a group of corporations under common ownership operates as a single entity (i.

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