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COMMONER. One who is entitled with others to the use of a common.

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NFU Cymru supported this case on behalf of Welsh agriculture and we are delighted at the outcome, not only for Mr Tamplin, but on behalf of all commoners across Wales who were understandably concerned about the potential wider implications of this case.
In 1966, Commoner warned that humanity's relationship with what scientists now call the Earth System was in crisis.
And the PML (N) is still to show something really pleasing to the commoner.
Think Like a Commoner is extraordinarily well structured.
12 -- The lead pair of the show will be seen disguising themselves as commoners for a sequence
Barry Commoner is most famous for that phrase, but Judge Carroll (he would always correct me that he was retired, but for me it was a term of respect), walked the walk.
A Commoner is not a serf-starter and tends to focus on "just getting by.
Kate Middleton has turned 29 and has celebrated her final birthday as a commoner - with less than four months to go before she marries Prince William.
The Duchess of York, born Sarah Ferguson, has always happily referred to herself as a commoner.
Hills - Prince William's wife: Evs aristocrat, 3 European royal family, 4 commoner, 250 named celebrity; 10 William and Kate to get engaged; 4 Defence secretary Des Browne to resign before May local elections.
While she repeatedly acknowledges that the Tokugawa state generally ruled the broader society in a decentralized, indirect manner, she seems nevertheless to regard village councils, neighborhood associations, trade associations, and other organizations that regulated commoner society as de facto extensions of the bakufu or the bakuhan state.
Kazin's mission in A Godly Hero: The Life of William Fennings Bryan is to establish that the Great Commoner was the same man with the same principles, and much the same following, during and between the two famous bookends of his career: the 1896 "Cross of Gold" speech that launched his tumultuous first presidential campaign, and the Scopes "Monkey Trial" a few days before his death.