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COMMONER. One who is entitled with others to the use of a common.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Casaubon's mother had not a commoner mind: she might have taught him better." Celia was inwardly frightened, and ready to run away, now she had hurled this light javelin.
She's a commoner descended from Durham coal miners.A This is a break from tradition, this is revolutionary,"A Starkey described the narrative of Kate and William's marriage.
Common land in Gower has been managed for centuries by commoners and farmers, whose livestock help keep vegetation down and create conditions for diverse wildlife.
Jayne pointed out how those who called Middleton a "commoner" at their words.
Whether or not one accepts the label ecosocialism for that program and movement, there is no question that Commoner's work and the latest scientific studies show that environmental action must be at the top of the agenda for socialists in the 21st century.
But the commoners felt no happiness coming to their blighted lives by these indicators, even as, to be fair, the people's economic conditions were then demonstrably far better than now.
Think Like a Commoner is a brief history and explanation of the commons, which are mutually held, collectively managed property.
12 -- The lead pair of the show will be seen disguising themselves as commoners for a sequence
Barry Commoner is most famous for that phrase, but Judge Carroll (he would always correct me that he was retired, but for me it was a term of respect), walked the walk.
After explaining the definitions of Necessity, Commoner and Parasite to the students, one of the authors in each country asked each student to voluntarily turn in a list of ten traits and behaviors describing each type of worker, for which the students received bonus points as an incentive to participate.
Summary: Kate Middleton has celebrated her final birthday as a commoner - with less than four months to go before she marries Prince William.