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COMMONER. One who is entitled with others to the use of a common.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Mr Buzdar said the govt will protect the rights of the people and work towards the welfare of the commoners considering it not as a duty but worship.
Common land in Gower has been managed for centuries by commoners and farmers, whose livestock help keep vegetation down and create conditions for diverse wildlife.
Not wishing to look solely at popular or dominant political and social contexts, as New Historicists have before, Fitter privileges what he sees as the 'politics of commoners', the latter term of which he defines as the marginal yet populous social groups among which Shakespeare himself had grown up, and which comprised the bulk of the audience for which he wrote.
The continuous failure of administrations around the globe to quell such attacks of massive scale will only mean more woes for the commoners and underprivileged, who also have the right to live with dignity and without fear.
"It doesn't seem odd to us now but the fact she was a commoner and wasn't a member of the Royal Family was really new and broke convention," royal historian Alastair Bruce said of Queen Mother's entry into the Firm.
Commoners, too, hailed the initiative taken for inmates.
Jamil will play Mira's Auntie Pushpa, Freida Pinto has been cast as Queen Shanti, and New Girl star Hannah Simone will portray commoner Pinky
It is high time judicial norms are set to help the commoners from suffering due to such deplorable actions by political parties.
Electing to bat, the Commoners reached 217-5 off their allocation, with some fine batting produced by Neil Stent 69, along with Jan Ruzicka whose 46 was his highest score for the Commoners.
So called 'commoners' are individuals with recognised rights to carry out farming practices on designated common land.
KARACHI -- Civil Servants belonging to the 12th Civil Services Academy (CSA) Commoners here on Monday constituted a MediBank Trust - Sindh chapter, to provide free of cost medicines to needy patients, in memory of their colleagues or any of their family members who passed away during last few years.
But the commoners felt no happiness coming to their blighted lives by these indicators, even as, to be fair, the people's economic conditions were then demonstrably far better than now.